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Sahitya MG

Consultant Psychologist

Its Ok not to be Ok having this notion in my mind I Sahitya Mg. I am a counselling Psychologist with 2+ years of experience working with concerns of relationship, self esteem and identity, abuse, LGBTQI+, grief and loss, trauma, life transition and growth and development. I

provide safe space for my clients by following Rogerian principle of being non-judgemental, provide unconditional positive regard and empathetic understanding towards their concerns. I have worked with adult, elderly and disabled people to enhance their mental alignments and deal with their stress and anxiety and provided support for self-improvement. I have completed 700 hours of internship training under supervision. I envision to help the individuals to overcome their emotional conflicts to prioritise and strengthen their mental well-being, self-worth and self-love. I believe

that there is nothing empowering than a listening ear and knowing that you are not alone  in  this journey. I try to empower my client by being the guiding light in their journey and helping them get through tough times. I also follow a eclectic approach of cognitive behaviour therapy, emotional focused therapy, mindfulness, and solution

focused approach.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. Pursuing PhD in Gd Goenka University, GURUGRAM (2021-2024)

  2. MA Counselling Psychology- The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (TISS-BALM) (2018-2020)

  3. BSC in Human development -Lady Irwin College, Delhi University (2015-2018)

Additional Qualifications/Certifications:

  1. QPR Gatekeeper for Suicide Prevention- The Suicide Prevention India Foundation (August 2020)

  2. Hypnotherapy for Common Emotional Disorders -Your DOST (Feburary2020)

  3. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Life Coaching – Jyoti Narrain (October 2021)

  4. (Apprenticeship) at TATSAM (April 2022)

  5. Intermodal expressive arts- Swahansa Expressive arts India (January 2022)

Prior Work Experience:

  1. Child Guidance Center, National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD), Delhi- Internship (June 2017)

  2. Banyan Health Center, Kovallam- Intership (June2019)

  3. 3. UDHAVI, Elderly Care Services, Chennai (March 2019)

  4. V-shesh (Employment Opportunities and Training for People living with disabilities) (March 2020)

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