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Consultant Psychologist

Hi, my name is Garima. I am a queer affirmative therapist and take on a  trauma informed and relational lens in my work with individuals. In the past four years, I have worked with clients on conflicts with self and others, stress, anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, grief and trauma and follow a collaborative and non-pathologizing approach in the therapeutic space while centring the individual's experience and feelings. I borrow from Psychodynamic school and Narrative and Somatic practices. In my free time, I love watching funny, warm shows, making a mess with colours and experimenting with food.

Educational Qualifications:

  1. Masters in Counselling Psychology, Amity University

  2. PG diploma in Guidance and Counselling, Jamia Milia University

Certificate Courses:

  1. Training Program in Narrative Therapy (2021- 2022), Dulwich Centre Foundation and Children First

  2. Risk Assessment and Management, in the context of Psychotherapy (2022), Hank Nunn Institute.Queer Affirmative Counselling Practices (QACP) (2021), Mariwala Health Initiative.QPR Gatekeeper for Suicide Prevention (2021), The Suicide Prevention India Foundation.

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