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Thehraav® was founded in 31/01/2021 by Ms. Ipsita Chatterjee as a psychotherapy and counselling service for adolescents, adults, individuals, couples and families.  Thehraav is actively involved in service provision through psychotherapy, supervision of peer and subordinate therapists, and also involved in conducting trainings and workshops in the area of mental health and well being. The pandemic had led to a lot of mental health concerns and Thehraav was founded to help clients navigate these issues in a safe therapeutic space.

The Founder/CEO

Ms. Ipsita Chatterjee has been a practicing psychologist for more than five years. She works as a therapist because she believes that mental health is one of the most important parts of one’s life and there is a need for having safe spaces to navigate concerns pertaining to it. Listening to people’s stories, hearing about their resilience and strengths, working with clients questioning single storied ways of being through a strength based approach, finding alternative stories and alternative definitions that work best to suit their individual needs are some of her favorite parts of the therapy process. Therapy for her more than just reduction in distress, it is also a process of allowing oneself to be, to grow and to explore.

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